About Us

We are a third generation oil company who has been doing business in our community for 80 years. Our story began in 1934, when Victor Fleurent, Sr. started an oil company by the name of Victor Fleurent & Sons after working for many years at a local lumber company delivering coal. At that time, he had 8 children (4 sons and 4 daughters) and making a living delivering oil seemed less arduous than carrying and shoveling coal.

In 1957, at the age of 23, Victor’s youngest son, Clement, came home from Washington state where he was stationed with the U.S. Army. There was an oil truck lettered and ready for him in the driveway. Clement would be working with his older brothers delivering Kerosene for the business. In the late 60’s, Clement bought out one of his brothers and founded C.A. Fleurent Fuel Company. He grew his business quickly, acquiring several small oil companies along the way. Clement created a successful business while he and his wife raised their family of 3 small children. In the early 80’s the oil industry grew quite competitive with many new companies emerging. In 1984, with profit margins extremely low, Clement made the difficult decision to merge with another local oil company with whom he continued to work with for several years.

Nine years later in 1993, Clement’s youngest son, Tom, decided it was time to breathe new life into the business. At the age of 21, while driving for a local oil company, Tom bought his first truck and began delivering on nights and weekends. It was then that he founded Fleurent Fuel Company realizing his childhood dream of following in his father’s footsteps. Over the past 20 years, Tom has continued to strengthen the relationships his grandfather and father built while building new relationships in our community. We work hard to give our customers the service they have come to know and depend on for decades. We believe that honesty, integrity and loyalty are the foundation of successful relationships and ultimately… great customer service.

From our family to yours…

The Fleurents

Our Photo Album

Some original trucks owned by founder Victor Fleurent when he started the business


Victor Fleurent’s trucks in 1960.

Some of the trucks owned by Clement Fleurent- circa 1970’s.

Current owner, Tom Fleurent, pictured with 2 oil trucks.

Tom and Clement Fleurent pictured with trucks in 2011.

Fleurent Fuel Company
295 Granite St. Ext.
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Phone: (207) 283-9836
E-mail: info@fleurentfuel.com